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eVisa India Information - Tourist e-Visa for India

 1. The type of Indian Electronic Visa you would need based on the reason for your visit to India

If you are visiting India for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing, you would need the Tourist e-Visa for India.

If you are visiting India for the purpose of business and trade, you would need the Business e-Visa for India.

If you are visiting India in order to get medical treatment, you would need the Medical e-Visa for India.

If you are visiting India as a medical attendant to someone getting medical treatment here, you would need the Medical Attendant e-Visa for India.

2. The Tourist e-Visa for India

This e-Visa gives electronic authorization for visiting the country to travelers coming to India for the purposes of

  • tourism and sightseeing,
  • visiting family and/or friends, or
  • for a Yoga retreat or short term Yoga course
There are 3 types of this Visa:

While most passport holders can only stay continously for upto 90 days, nationals of USA, UK, Canada and Japan are allowed up to 180 days , continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days.

3. The Business e-Visa for India
This e-Visa gives electronic authorization for visiting the country to travelers coming to India for the purposes of

  • selling or buying of goods and services in India,
  • attending business meetings,
  • setting up industrial or business ventures,
  • conducting tours,
  • delivering lectures under the scheme of Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN),
  • recruiting workers,
  • participating in trade and business fairs and exhibitions, and
  • coming to the country as an expert or specialist for some commercial project.
This Visa is valid for 1 Year and is a Multiple Entry Visa. You can only stay in the country for 180 days at a time on this Visa.

4. The Medical e-Visa for India
This e-Visa gives electronic authorization for visiting the country to travelers coming to India for the purpose of getting medical treatment from an Indian hospital. It is a short term Visa that is valid for 60 days and is a Triple Entry Visa.

5. The Medical Attendant e-Visa for India
This e-Visa gives electronic authorization for visiting the country to travelers coming to India accompanying a patient who is going to get medical treatment from an Indian hospital and the patient should have already secured or have applied for the Medical e-Visa for the same. This is a short term Visa that is valid for 60 days and is a Triple Entry Visa. You can get only 2 Medical Attendant e-Visas against 1 Medical e-Visa.

6. The Conference e-Visa for India
This e-Visa gives electronic authorization for visiting the country to travelers coming to India for the purpose of attending a conference, seminar, or workshop that has been organised by any of the ministries or departments of the Government of India, or State Governments or Union Territory Administrations of India, or any organizations or PSUs attached to these. This Visa is valid for 3 months and is a Single Entry Visa.

7. Guidelines for Applicants of the Indian e-Visa
When applying for the Indian e-Visa you should know the following details about it:

  • You can apply for an Indian e-Visa only 3 times in a 1 year.
  • If you are eligible for the Visa you should apply for it at least 4-7 days before your entry in India.
  • The e-Visa cannot be converted or extended.
  • The Indian e-Visa would not allow you access to Protected, Restricted, or Cantonment Areas.
  • Every applicant needs to apply individually and have their own Passport to apply for the Indian e-Visa and parents cannot include their children into their application. You cannot use any travel document other than your Passport, which cannot be Diplomatic or Official but only Standard. It needs to remain valid for at least the next 6 months from the date of your entry into India. It should also have at least 2 blank pages to be stamped by the Immigration Officer.
  • You need to have a return or onward ticket out of India and must have sufficient money to fund your trip to India.
  • You need to carry your e-Visa with you at all times during your stay in India.
India Visa Application is now available online without requiring visit to Indian Embassy.

No matter the type of e-Visa you are applying for you would need the following documents to begin with:

  • An electronic or scanned copy of the first (biographical) page of your passport.
  • A copy of your recent passport-style colour photo (only of the face, and it can be taken with a phone), a working email address, and a debit card or a credit card for the payment of the application fees. Refer to India e Visa Photo Requirements for further details.
  • A return or onward ticket out of the country.
  • You would also be asked a few questions to determine your eligibility for the Visa such as your current employment status and ability to finance your trip.
While filling in the application form for the Indian e-Visa you should make sure the following details match with the exact same information that is shown on your passport:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
Other than these, depending on the type of e-Visa you are applying for, you would also need other documents.

  • Details of the Indian organization or trade fair or exhibition that you would be visiting, including the name and address of an Indian reference.
  • The invitation letter from the Indian company.
  • Your business card or email signature as well as website address.
  • If you are coming to India to deliver lectures under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN) then you will also need to provide the Invitation from the institute which would host you as a foreign visiting faculty, copy of the sanction order under GIAN issued by the National Coordinating Institute viz. IIT Kharagpur, and copy of the synopsis of the courses that you will take up as the faculty at the host institute.
For the Medical e-Visa:

A copy of a letter from the Indian Hospital that you would be seeking treatment from (the letter would have to be written on the Official Letterhead of the Hospital).
You would also be required to answer any questions about the Indian Hospital you would be visiting.
For the Medical Attendant e-Visa:

The name of the patient who must be the holder of the Medical Visa.
The Visa number or the Application ID of the Medical Visa holder.
Details such as the Passport Number of the Medical Visa holder, the date of birth of the Medical Visa holder, and the Nationality of the Medical Visa holder.
For the Conference e-Visa:

Political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, and optionally, event clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India.

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Urgent Indian Visa – Death of Family Member, Urgent Trip to India, Fast Track Indian Visa

 An Urgent Indian Visa (eVisa India for urgency) is given to those outsiders who need to come to India on a crisis premise. The visa is additionally called an Emergency Indian visa. If you live out of India, and you have to come to India for crisis and urgent cases like the demise of your family member or cherished one, going to the court for lawful purposes and your family member or adored one is experiencing a genuine sickness, at that point you can apply for an urgent tourist visa to come to India. In contrast to different visas like Indian Tourist Visa, Indian Business Visa, Indian Medical Visa an Emergency visa to India / Urgent Indian Visa application sets aside considerably less effort to be prepared. In the event that you need to come to India for the reasons like touring, visiting a companion, going to multifaceted relationships, at that point you can't make a difference for an Indian crisis visa in light of the fact that such circumstances are not viewed as crisis ones. Hence, you have to apply for different kinds of visas. One thing that makes the critical/ Urgent Indian e-visa application is that it tends to be handled even on ends of the week for the individuals who need to come to India for some crisis or impromptu reasons.

The Emergency Indian e-visa issuance takes 1 to 3 working days when the application is finished appropriately, required reports are submitted and full application is finished. For an incredibly urgent visa, you may need to pay a higher fee to obtain Indian Urgent Visa by this accommodation. This Urgent Processing or Fast track Visa Services are accessible for Tourist, Medical, Business, Conference and Medical Attendant visa searchers.


Things to recollect when you apply for the Urgent/Emergency visa to India:

In contrast with different visas, getting an Emergency visa affirmed is more troublesome, as it is dependent upon endorsement as it were. In clinical and demise cases, you will be needed to give the authorities a duplicate of letter from the medical clinic to demonstrate the disease or passing. In the event that you don't do as such, your Emergency Visa to India application will be dismissed.


Assume full liability for giving right subtleties like your telephone number, email address and social courier for correspondence respected extra data.

The Urgent Indian Visa application isn't handled on the National occasions of India like Republic Day on 26 January, Independence Day on 15 August, Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October and so on.

If that a candidate has more than one legitimate identification, harm in the visa, a lapsed or substantial visa, effectively given visa still substantial or various visas, at that point their application may take as long as 4 days for the Government choice. Government of India has the final authority for decision for the application filed on this official website.

Records needed for an Emergency Visa to India

As of now referenced, you need to submit duplicates of reports demonstrating the demise or disease of your darling.


An examined duplicate of your passport having a six-month legitimacy with two clear pages. Check the Indian Visa Passport Requirements and Indian Visa Photo Requirements an ongoing shaded photograph of yours having a white foundation to guarantee clearness. You may utilize an advanced picture taken with a cell phone for this reason.

How you will get the Urgent Indian e-visa:

Like different visas, the Indian Urgent Visa or Indian Emergency visa is additionally given on appearance. The visa will be stored in the computer systemUrgent Indian Visa is not a physical stamp on the passport, Immigration officer can check its validity at the airport terminal you use to arrive at India. You can arrive at the specific movement official by following the billboards that are unmistakably observable. One more thing you should recall is that you ought to pick the air terminal that is nearest to your proposed objective India. The less busy the airport, the quicker your visa will be prepared.

Coming up next is a rundown of the countries, in the sequential request, whose residents are qualified for an Urgent Indian Visa or Indian Emergency visa.

(If that you are a resident of any of the accompanying nations with Pakistani inception, at that point you are not qualified, and you need to contact the Indian Embassy nearest to you).

  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Angola
  4. Anguilla
  5. Antigua & Barbuda
  6. Argentina
  7. Armenia
  8. Aruba
  9. Australia
  10. Austria
  11. Azerbaijan
  12. Bahamas
  13. Barbados
  14. Belarus
  15. Belgium
  16. Belize
  17. Benin
  18. Bolivia
  19. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  20. Botswana
  21. Brazil
  22. Brunei
  23. Bulgaria
  24. Burundi
  25. Cambodia
  26. Cameroon
  27. Canada
  28. Cape Verde
  29. Cayman Island
  30. Chile
  31. China
  32. China- SAR Macau
  33. Colombia
  34. Comoros
  35. Cook Islands
  36. Costa Rica
  37. Cote D'Ivoire
  38. Croatia
  39. Cuba
  40. Cyprus
  41. Czech Republic
  42. Denmark
  43. Djibouti
  44. Dominica
  45. Dominican Republic
  46. East Timor
  47. Ecuador
  48. El Salvador
  49. Eritrea
  50. Estonia
  51. Fiji
  52. Finland
  53. France
  54. Gabon
  55. Gambia
  56. Georgia
  57. Germany
  58. Ghana
  59. Greece
  60. Grenada
  61. Guatemala
  62. Guinea
  63. Guyana
  64. Haiti
  65. Honduras
  66. Hong Kong
  67. Hungary
  68. Iceland
  69. Indonesia
  70. Iran
  71. Ireland
  72. Israel
  73. Italy
  74. Jamaica
  75. Japan
  76. Jordan
  77. Kazakhstan
  78. Kenya
  79. Kiribati
  80. Kyrgyzstan
  81. Laos
  82. Latvia
  83. Lesotho
  84. Liberia
  85. Liechtenstein
  86. Lithuania
  87. Luxembourg
  88. Macedonia
  89. Madagascar
  90. Malawi
  91. Malaysia
  92. Mali
  93. Malta
  94. Marshall Islands
  95. Mauritius
  96. Mexico
  97. Micronesia
  98. Moldova
  99. Monaco
  100. Mongolia
  101. Montenegro
  102. Montserrat
  103. Mozambique
  104. Myanmar
  105. Namibia
  106. Nauru
  107. Netherlands
  108. New Zealand
  109. Nicaragua
  110. Niger Republic
  111. Niue Island
  112. Norway
  113. Oman
  114. Palau
  115. Palestine
  116. Panama
  117. Papua New Guinea
  118. Paraguay
  119. Peru
  120. Philippines
  121. Poland
  122. Portugal
  123. Qatar
  124. Republic Of Korea
  125. Romania
  126. Russia
  127. Rwanda
  128. Saint Christopher And Nevis
  129. Saint Lucia
  130. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
  131. Samoa
  132. San Marino
  133. Saudi Arabia
  134. Senegal
  135. Serbia
  136. Seychelles
  137. Sierra Leone
  138. Singapore
  139. Slovakia
  140. Slovenia
  141. Solomon Islands
  142. South Africa
  143. Spain
  144. Sri Lanka
  145. Suriname
  146. Swaziland
  147. Sweden
  148. Switzerland
  149. Taiwan
  150. Tajikistan
  151. Tanzania
  152. Thailand
  153. Tonga
  154. Trinidad And Tobago
  155. Turks And Caicos Isl
  156. Tuvalu
  157. Uganda
  158. Ukraine
  159. United Arab Emirates
  160. United Kingdom
  161. Uruguay
  162. USA
  163. Uzbekistan
  164. Vanuatu
  165. Vatican City - Holy See
  166. Venezuela
  167. Vietnam
  168. Zambia
  169. Zimbabwe


Summary of Indian Urgent Visa

In this article, we told you about the Emergency visa to India/Urgent e-visa application system, the documents required, the eligible countries and the necessary information about the situations which are taken as Emergency visa situations.

If you have any question or doubt, contact Indian Visa Customer Support for Urgent Indian Visa.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India e-Visa.

United States citizensUnited Kingdom citizensAustralian citizens and German citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for an Indian e-Visa a week in advance of your flight.

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India visa online

 India Visa Online or Indian e-Visa introduced by the Government of India in 2014 made it easier for foreigners to obtain a Visa. Indian Visa Application Online via offers many facilities and features like complete privacy protection, email recovery, etc.

Indian Visa Application Online via is a simplified method of Visa application, which can be completed in just a matter of time. In this application process, there is no need to visit the embassy and waste time, effort, and money. Applicants can visit the website, and fill out the Visa application form using a mobile, tablet, or computer. The safe Visa application form gives the individuals complete privacy protection. They can choose their desired place of choice to make the application, as the India Visa Application is completely web-based. One of the major benefits of choosing this method of application is its continuous availability. is available 24/365 days a year; thus, applicants can apply for India e-Visa at any time.

Indian Visa for Australian citizens

Indian e-Visa for Australian citizens is valid for arrival by certain designated airports and seaports. Different types of Indian e-Visas are available for different purposes of visits; thus, Australian citizens can choose their best-suited one. Currently, there are Indian tourist e-Visa for tourism, business e-Visa for business visits, and medical e-Visa for getting medical treatment. Some other Indian e-Visas are also available for some particular purpose. Australian citizens can use India Visa Online to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Short-term visits for even one day are available which can be utilized with the multiple entry facility.

Indian Visa for Japanese citizens

Japan was a launch member of the India e-Visa program; thus, Japanese citizens can enjoy a fast entry facility. The list of all available seaports and airports where Indian e-Visa for Japanese citizens are valid for arrival is provided at Just like Australian citizens, Japanese citizens can also use an Indian e-Visa to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days on each visit. Indian Visa Application Online issues the e-Visa quickly within 3 to 4 days after the application is made. It helps the applicants to make their trip on time without any delays.

To apply for an Indian e-Visa an individual must provide a valid passport, email address, and credit or debit card. These are the primary requirements with which the applicant can complete the whole Visa application process from their home.

Friday, April 15, 2022



Gone are the days when you had to stand in a line at the Indian Visa Application Centre just to get the forms, asking several times how to fill them and submit them back to the office.  Well, now things have become much easier. With the arrival of the online visa application process, you need nobody to help you out with this whole procedure. You can guide yourself with easy steps provided in the online application form. All the required information regarding Visa for your preferred country, the dates for your visa interview, and the complete process is just one click away now. The online platform provides you with certain benefits and one of them is that if you have doubts regarding your form or with some reasons you are not able to finish it on the same day, then you can save it as a draft in your account and finish it later or the next day as required. When you are done filling out the form, it is verified with the authority that regulates the online platform. They would notify you if any wrong documents are being uploaded. Depending on that you would be asked to re-upload the document in your application. A mail is sent for the re-upload of the documents within 24 hours of receiving the visa application.


Applying for an E-Visa is only 2 step process. You just have to fill out your visa application form online and pay the visa processing charges using a credit card or e-wallet. There will be no involvement in any embassy visits because you will be dealing with us directly. You save your valuable ample time as the e-visa is directly mailed to you. But yes, the ministry of the country you visit, instructs you to submit all the necessary documents. And here you go, when you enter your destination country, you just have to show your passport and the visa documents. When we think about what all documents are needed in general for applying, well here is the list – applicant’s photograph, details mentioned in your visa application form, scanned image of passport personal detail page, and the last page of the passport. The validity option of the e-visa can vary from range to range which is 30 days double entry, 1-year multiple entries to 5-year multiple entries.

How do we play our role in helping you get your visa easily? Well, we stand along with you from start to end. From your ticket booking to the visa interview. You book your tickets to any destination of your wish in the world, we help you out with the documentation work of visa application and its interview. There are some countries like Dubai, Thailand Maldives, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka that offer visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens.

Now let’s talk about the TYPES OF VISA

Various types of visa depend on the purpose of the visit. Let’s look at them briefly.

1.      SINGLE ENTRY VISA –This type of visa is only valid for a single visit to your destination place. No matter what your purpose of the visit is, this visa provides you only with one entry. Say if you have visited a place once and your visa validity date has not expired, you will not qualify for another trip to that certain place.

2.      MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA –This visa provides you with multiple visits to the country through your visa’s validity. This means that you can enter the country not once but multiple times and you don’t have to apply for a new visa whenever you enter the country more than once as long as your visa’s valid tenure has not expired. Such types of visas are mostly preferred by big businessmen because who knows how many times, they have to visit a place and also by professionals which are sent by certain companies.

3.      TOURIST VISA – When you are a travel lover then this visa is meant for you. This is a visa provided only to tourists who visit a place just for traveling purposes and nothing more than that. Nothing involving into commercial. Such a visa can be applied when one plans a trip solo or with family. These are a sort of easy-to-get visa. There are certain requirements to get a tourist visa. Other than the required documents, one has to provide proof of hotel stays and return flight tickets. And along with this, a certain specified amount has to be shown in your bank account which ensures the local authorities that you will take care of yourself during the whole trip.

4.      STUDENT VISA - A student visa is a kind of official document issued to students to help them enter different countries and pursue education. It is a type of non-immigrant visa and any prospective student who wants to pursue higher education in another country should get a student visa for that country. A student visa is a must to study aboard.It is a multiple entry visa and remains valid till the time of completion of your study abroad.

5.      RESIDENCE VISA –This visa does not allow you to take any sort of job in a particular country, it just provides you to stay for an extended period. This may happen in certain cases when your family resides in any foreign land and you wish to extend your stay with your family for more time. And while you do that u cannot take up any jobs there.

6.      WORK VISA – This visa provides you to take up residence as well as employment for a particular period in a given foreign land. Let’s say that you are hired for a particular work for a specific period of a year or so in a foreign country which also allows you to take up residence. But what if you have to stay a little bit more, then you have to apply for renewal of your work visa. In India, some companies send their employees abroad, as these companies have branches in different countries, on a work visa to accomplish the official task.

7.      TRANSIT VISA – this visa is not required if you fly out on the same aircraft and from the same airport at which you arrived, secondly you stay in the transit lounge and do not leave the airport. This visa is for the people wishing to transit through Sri Lanka who enters the country for a short period. And also, for those traveling to Sri Lanka to join a vessel as a crew.




Q. What is a visa and why is it important?

A. A visa is an official mark on your passport which permits you to enter, leave or travel through a country. This document is issued by the immigration authorities of the country you wish to travel to. Of all kinds of visas, tourist ones are less troublesome to get. Visas are also sent through the mail if there is no physical interview. Visa may be a grant to enter another country, but actually,it’s totally on the approval of the immigration authority.


Q. Do I need a visa for travel?

A. Yes, in any type of international tripone make. Only having a passport does not make you eligible to board a flight and enter a foreign land. There should be a valid visa to enter your destination country. When we talk about visa, some countries do not require a visa for travel but there are some countries as well like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc that offer visa on arrival, and for that, you should carry all the required documents. So, for any international trip, you cannot bypass the visa process.


Q. Does it cost to have a visa processed?

A. Yes, the process of visa application requires fees that are charged by the government of the country you intend to travel to. This fee can vary from one country to another. There are charges for both the regular one and the electronic one. If you plan to take the help of an agent, then that will cost you additional.


Q. How long does it take to process a visa?

A. The ETA for Sri Lanka processing time is from 3 to 20 days after the application is submitted. Once the form is submitted applicants will then receive Sri Lanka ETA approval notice. Applicants for the Sri Lanka ETA online should apply at least 20 business days before the intended date of entry into the country. Though you are advised to apply abouta month before your date of travel. You can always track your e- visa application status online.


Q. What is a visa on arrival.?

A. Visa on arrival refers to a visa that is issued to travelers when they arrive at the port of entry of their destination country. This is issued by the immigration department of the country you are traveling to only when you reach your destination. This needs you to keep all your necessary identification documents handy along with your photographs so that the immigration desk can check all documents at once and hand you a visa on arrival. If you lack any required documents then you will not get the visa on arrival.


Q. How do I get a travel visa?

A. When you fill-up your visa application form, there you have to mention your purpose of visit, it can be casual traveling or for studies or business-related.  All travel-related visas are issued as tourist visas to an individual visiting a country for purpose of traveling only. Sri Lanka tourist visa issued to foreign tourists to stay in Sri Lanka for a limited period, for purpose of leisure, tourism, yoga training, etc. the visa issued by the department of immigration and emigration of Sri Lanka. It is issued only for 30 or 90 days and granted only for single entries or double entries.

Q. What is the process of online visa booking with us?

A. As you book your ticket, then wewill help you with the whole visa application process, like filling up the form, helping you out with the required documents, crosschecking all the documents before sending them ahead to the authority of the country you wish to travel to. We will provide you with all the updates regarding the visa processing status.


Q. How can I track my visa status?

A. To check your visa status online, you need to go into the inquiry tab of the ministry website of the country you intend to travel to. There you might be required to enter asked details like application id and passport number. If you have applied for your visa application through an agent then you need to enter your date of birth and passport number.


Q. What are the different types of visa?

A. in Sri Lanka Tourist visa is granted for 30 days - granting double entry, a transit visa is valid for entry within 15 days from the date of issue. It can be single entry or double entry. Business visa granted for 30 days with multiple entries. Employment visa – stay duration for 30 days, its validity is for 6 months with multiple entries. Stay duration for 2 days, its validity is for 1 month with a single entry. The stay duration for 30 days, its validity is for 6 months with double entry.


Q. What are the documents required for a tourist visa?

A. For a Sri Lankan tourist visa your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months. A scanned image of passport information page, an email address, a payment method like credit card or debit card, a confirmed hotel booking in a safe and secure certified level 1 hotel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Indian Visa for Thailand Nationals

 The Kingdom of Thailand (official name), is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. It is known for its great food culture, tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Thailand was known as Siam till 1939. It is interesting to note that it is the only Southeast Asian country which has never been colonised by any foreign power. Theoretically, Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy, however, it has witnessed military coups time and again, and since 2016, it is under a military junta which disallows any kind of political opposition. The population of Thailand is largely dominated by the indigenous people.

The Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. Historically, it was king Ashoka, an Indian ruler, who sent missionaries in the third century BC, to many countries, including Thailand to preach and spread Buddhism. Therefore cultural interaction between India and Thailand is very old. Bilateral relations between India and Thailand are rooted in history, extensive people to people interactions and a large Indian diaspora living in Thailand. The Thai language is influenced by Pali and Sanskrit. Elements of Hindu influence are reflected through the architecture, sculpture, art and literature of Thailand. Over the years, India’s relation with Thailand has evolved into a comprehensive partnership. The ‘Act East’ policy of India and the ‘Look West’ policy of Thailand complemented each other and helped these two countries to strengthen ties. Thailand and India are important regional partners that bridge South and Southeast Asia. Both these countries work and cooperate closely in the ASEAN, BIMSTEC, IORA, etc. 

Nationals of Thailand, often come to visit India, either as tourists or as pilgrims. The beautiful landscapes, historical monuments and the rich cultural heritage, attract the Thai people to visit India as tourists, while places of Buddhist interest in India, attract the Thai pilgrims. In order to make travelling to India easier for the nationals of Thailand, the Indian Government started providing e visas to the Thai travellers. Under the provision for e visa, a Thai tourist, instead of visiting the Indian Consulate or the visa centre, would have to apply online for a visa. Visa is obtainable on arrival at sixteen, designated international airports. The application for e visa has to be submitted within 4-120 days of the applicant’s date of arrival. The ETA holders are facilitated through this visa to enter into India and to stay anywhere in India. Under this policy of the Government, e tourist visas, e business visas and e medical visas are provided to the Thai nationals. This indeed is a good diplomatic step on the part of the Indian Government, as it would not only strengthen ties between the two countries, but would also help in expanding the tourism sector of India.

Saturday, April 2, 2022


 Tourism is something that has to be promoted now and then in the country, including the border areas. This work is efficiently done by the Ministry of Tourism through certain schemes. Schemes of Swadesh Darshan and National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive (PRASHAD) to State Governments/ Union Territory Administrations/Central Agencies are some schemes that provide financial assistance for the development of tourism infrastructure in the country and the border areas. There are certain requirements for getting financial assistance and those are submitting Detailed Project Reports, availability of funds, and adhering to the guidelines of the Scheme. Adding to this, financial assistance is also provided by the Ministry that is associated with the Civil Aviation Ministry under RCS UDAN 3 for the development of identified tourism routes.

With State Tourism Departments and other stakeholders, initiatives to address challenges of border districts, development of tourism, institutional environment, and security barriers, are being taken, in close coordination, by the Ministry of Tourism. Schemes of “Domestic Promotion & Publicity including Hospitality” (DPPH) and “Overseas Promotion & Publicity including Market Development Assistance (OPMD)”, are some initiatives taken by the Ministry to promote India including the border states. Various Indian tourist destinations and Indian products are promoted but the Ministry to increase the foreign tourist arrivals in the country. This promotion is done through print releases, electronic and online mediums, and outdoor media campaigns in the international markets under the name of the “Incredible India” brand line. Ministry of Tourism also uses its website and social media platforms to promote Indian products and tourist destinations. 

To showcase India’s tourism potential and promote it in the country, the India Tourism Offices present abroad do some promotional activities in important tourist generating markets overseas. Some of the promotional activities are travel fairs and exhibitions; organizing Roadshows, “Know India” seminars &workshops; organizing and supporting Indian food festivals; publication of brochures, offering joint advertising and brochure support and inviting media personalities, tour operators, and opinion makers to visit the Country under the Hospitality program of the Ministry.

The Major and important initiatives and efforts that are done for the promotion of tourism in the Border States by the Ministry of Tourism. They are:

  1. For tourism-related infrastructure development at Joint Check Post, Attari, Punjab, an amount of Rs. 1312 lac was sanctioned to Border Security Force.
  2. For the construction of Jetties at 9 main points for embarkation/ disembarkation of River Cruise on National Waterways No 1 and 2 including Assam (Neamati, Pandu, Jogighopa, and Biswanath Ghat), an amount of Rs. 2803.05 lac was sanctioned by the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI).
  3. Highlighting the need to promote tourism education among the locals as well as related stakeholders in the border states of the country, webinars have been organized in coordination with PHDCCI.
  4. Events like Ice skating and National Level Ice Hockey Championship at Drass, Kargil in January 2021, were organized by the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering, Gulmarg which works under the Ministry of Tourism.
  5. Iconic sites, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 50 Tourism Destinations were shared with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways by the Ministry of Tourism for the improvement in road connectivity in the first phase. In the areas, which already had good road connectivity, the Ministry of Road and Highways was requested to put up wayside amenities, prominent signages, and beautification, at a distance of 15-20 km, of the area on any one side of the tourist place.
  6. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, out of the 50 destinations, 23 of them fall under the purview of the Ministry of the Road Transport and Highways/National Highway Authority of India where work is in progress, and 3 of them fall under the Border Road Organization (BRO). those three are:
  • Pangong Lake, Ladakh
  • Kargil, Ladakh
  • Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Most Mysterious Temples of India

The Most Mysterious Temples of India

India is the land of 33 crores god and goddesses, with a multitude of holy cities and shrines of spiritual gurus to a motorcycle.

Here, temples can be found at every step of the way, but only some of them are odd, strange, weird or unusual in one way or another. Some of these mysterious temples of India are famed because of their unconventional deities, some because of their exorcism rites, and some because they are more than 2000 years old. Find your perfect escape to nature by applying for the Indian Visa at today! 

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1. Stambheshwar Mahadev, Gujarat: The Mystery Of Disappearance —

Stambheshwar Mahadev is an ancient temple situated in the town of Kavi Kamboi, located between the shores of The Arabian Sea and the Bay of Cambay in Gujarat. It is unique because it submerges every day and again reappears. Yes, Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is famously known as the Disappearing Shiva Temple in India.

Every day, this mysterious Shiva Temple gets disappeared in water during high tide hours and again reappears when the tide level comes down. Thus, making into the list of the most mysterious temples in India. Fulfill your desire of being drenched in this atmosphere of internal exultation by applying for the Tourist visa for India at today!
Stambheshwar Mahadev, Gujarat
2. Mahendipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan: Exorcise Your Demons

In the calm and sleepy Dausa district of Rajasthan, thousands of devotees turn up at Mahendipur Balaji Temple to rid themselves of ghosts, demons and other evil spirits every day. Those who don't believe in the supernatural should surely visit this temple once during their lifetime.

Offering penance in extreme ways, pouring boiling water on oneself, hanging from the ceiling, chaining themselves to walls and banging their heads against the walls is said to rid a person of all things evil. One of the most mysterious temples in India, Balaji temple is also famed for being probably the only place in India where exorcisms by priests are still carried out. By selecting from the best travel packages offered by WAOO Travel that suits you, you can witness these astonishing places and more without any hassle.

Mahendipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

3Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala: Temple with USD 22 Billion Vault

Do you know which the richest temple in the world is? It’s Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Inside the vaults of Temple Treasury lies a treasure of an estimated One Hundred Trillion Dollars. What is more intriguing is the secret door behind the Chamber B that is forbidden to open by human efforts.

The temples are known to have seven vaults till now and they have already yielded over USD 22 Billion and there is still one more vault left to be opened. The seventh vault has no latches or bolt but craving depicting two cobras. Thus, making it one of the most mysterious temples in India.
Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala
4. Venkateshwara Temple, Andhra Pradesh: The Richest Temple Of India, and How! —

Most temples depend on offerings and donations from devotees for their welfare, however, there are a few that have cornered a lucrative, albeit unusual, market like selling human hair to the Western countries! The Venkateshwara temple is the abode of Lord Vishnu, a god that acknowledges human hair as a symbol of sacrifice.

The temple, thus makes it amongst the list of the most mysterious temples of India, has two corridors lined by the hairdressers, who are responsible for above 12,000 hair shaves each day, amounting to over 75 tons of hair annually, generating a revenue of above USD 7 Billion! You can choose among the most affordable travel packages at Waoo Travel at and your ideal travel companion at Waoo Cabs at

Venkateshwara Temple, Andhra Pradesh
5. Kal Bhairav Nath Temple, Varanasi: Where Only Alcohol Prasad Is Offered

In the holy city of Varanasi, is the abode of Lord Kal Bhairav Nath, a reincarnation of Lord Shiva? Believe it or not, the only offerings that are made to God here is alcohol, be it whiskey or wine. Alcohol is poured directly into the deity’s open mouth, and the same is offered to devotees as Prasad.

Unlike other shops outside temples that sell flowers and sweets as an offering, the stalls outside this temple offer only alcohol for sale. Obviously, one of the most mysterious temples in India. 

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Kal Bhairav Nath Temple, Varanasi 

Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh: The hanging Piller —

The sixteenth-century Veerabhadra temple, otherwise called Lepakshi temple, is the nation’s most mysterious temple. It has 70 enormous pillars built in the Vijayanagar style, out of which one pillar is the most interesting. This pillar, in contrast to the different pillar, doesn’t contact the ground and dangles from the roof, leaving a recognizable space. People who visit the temple, pass a few clothes through space to test its reality. The mystery behind this phenomena how this pillar stays intact without any sort of support remains unknown to date, thus making it into the list of the most mysterious temples in India.

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Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh

7. Devaragattu Temple, Andhra Pradesh: The Lathi Ritual

Another ancient temple of India, Devaragattu Temple at the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh is famous for the Bani Festival. Located on the border of Karnataka, every year on Dussehra, devotees from both the states gather in huge numbers with lathis, to hit each other on the heads till midnight!

Commemorating the slaying of a demon by Mala-Malleswara (Shiva), these men drenched in the blood goes on with the celebration throughout the night. This 100-year-old festival was earlier celebrated with axes and spears instead of lathis. In the year 2014, the police reported a total causality of 56 people during the Bani festival. Medical attendants and police haplessly remain spectators to this extreme frenzy! Owing to this amazing ritual, this temple definitely breaks into the most mysterious temples in India.


Devaragattu Temple, Andhra Pradesh
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